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BBA/MBA (Bachelor/Master of Business Administration)


What is the MBA/ BBA program of Presidential Business School like?

The MBA at Presidential Business School is a 60-credit, two-year program while the BBA is a 120- credit, four-year program. The curricula in these programs confirm to the international standard upheld by the Westcliff University, and are molded to suit the need of the Nepalese market.

Do I get the international certificate from Westcliff University in Nepal?

Yes, students will be getting globally recognized transcripts and other degree certificates from Westcliff University. In addition, PBS will provide Character Certificates and Recommendation Letters to its graduates.

What are the Selection Criteria for MBA/BBA?

Students should pass through three phases of test for admission in to both the MBA and the BBA programs.

  1. Written Test (100 marks), which incorporates the following GMAT components (for MBA)/ CAT components (for BBA)
  • English MCQs
  • Quantitative Analysis MCQs
  • Business/Economics MCQs
  • General Awareness MCQs
  • Logical Reasoning MCQs
  • Reading Section
  1. Group Discussion/ Presentation (a session to evaluate presentation and communication Skills for MBA)
  1. Interview (a session to assess the attitude and communication skills of students)

What documents must I submit for my enrollment on the MBA/ BBA program?

Students must submit the following documents in the order in which they appear underneath:

  1. Application form (completed and signed)
  2. Application fees
  3. Recent passport-sized photos (5)
  4. Academic records:
  • Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools’ Certificates
  • Certificate(s) of Bachelor’s Degree (and Master’s Degree), or equivalent qualifications of graduate studies with the respective Grade Reports
  • Two recommendation letters sealed in the name of PBS from your former lecturers/ institutions
  • Character Certificate
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate; that states the previous degree has been completed in English medium
  • Personal Statement (stating why PBS and what are your objectives for pursuing MBA/BBA)
  • Citizenship English Translation Copy

How will my application be evaluated?

Each application received is reviewed in depth by the Admissions Department. When selecting students, we put an emphasis on leadership potential, strong academic ability, communication skills, learning attitude and personal qualities and characteristics.

How do I add new information if I have already submitted my application?

Applicants must submit the additional documents and / or information and should inform the Admissions Department about the updates.

Does the reputation/history of my undergraduate institution or company affect my chances of being accepted?

Our goal is to admit a class that offers a variety of perspectives. Therefore, we carefully consider individuals from a wide spectrum of academic and work experiences.

What should I take into consideration while writing a Personal Statement?

Please mention the reasons for choosing PBS and American MBA/BBA Degree. Also mention how does your previous qualifications and your interpersonal skills complement your choice .Please try to make the Personal Statement short and precise.

What is English Language Proficiency Letter?

English Language Proficiency letter is the letter stating that you have completed your previous degree in English Medium. Further, it should also include that college follows English Language as medium of instruction for its Academic Activities. You can provide a letter signed from the Administrator/ Principal.

Whom should RECOMMENDATIONS come from?

The Admissions Department suggests two recommendations from your former Professors/Lecturers/ Institutions.

When should I expect an invitation for an INTERVIEW, which is part of the admission process?

Interview invitations are extended on a rolling basis. The timing of your interview does not imply anything about the status of your application nor does it impact your candidacy. Invitations to interview are a positive indicator no matter when you receive them.

What should I expect during my INTERVIEW?

Your interview will last roughly 10 minutes and will be conducted by the members of the Admissions Department.

How can I best prepare?

The purpose of the interview is to understand you better as an MBA/ BBA candidate for our program. We encourage candidates to relax and be ready to talk about and express themselves —both personally and academically.

Am I eligible?


The selection of the MBA entrants will be based on the applicants’ previous academic performance, interview, and other eligibility criteria for admission that require:

  • a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from recognized university of Nepal or from any other university across the globe recognized by TU. For questions regarding your eligibility for PBS MBA, please consult the Admissions Department at PBS.
  • a minimum CGPA of 2.0, or 45 % or an equivalent grade in the Bachelor’s degree
  • a sit-in entrance exam conforming to GMAT, or 40% test-points on GMAT for enrollment following an interview
  • Competent in both English Communication and Writing English as per the standard
  • adequate subject preparation for the proposed graduate major.


The selection of the BBA entrants will be based on the applicants’ previous academic performance, interview, and other eligibility criteria for admission that require:

  • an Intermediate/ +2/ A-Level or equivalent degree in any discipline from recognized board of Nepal or from any other board across the globe recognized by HSEB board of Nepal. For questions regarding your eligibility for PBS BBA, please consult the Admissions Department at PBS.
  • a minimum CGPA of 2.0, or an equivalent grade in the Intermediate/ +2/ A-Level
  • a sit-in entrance exam conforming to CAT in which students securing 40% test-points are deemed eligible for enrolment following an interview