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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development Session

Seminar series on “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development: Drawing lessons from South Asia and East Asia” started from Sept 9, 2017 for MBA V and III students. The 20 hrs seminar series is conducted by Dr. Sohan Prasad Sha. Dr Sha has his PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India on the research topic- “Towards National Innovation System (NIS) in Nepal: Role of Actors and Institutions in Building Science, Technology and Innovation”.
The seminar series will focus to understand the nuanced debates around ‘innovation process’ and its relevance to ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘economic development’. Moreover, in pursuit of this, the seminar will draw lessons from ‘South Asia’ (Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and others) and ‘East Asia (South Korea and Singapore and others). The seminar aims to expose the students to understand ‘innovation process’ not only in theoretically but also empirically the best practices and policies to juxtapose Nepal’s experiences vis-à-vis other countries.