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Career Opportunities after BBA in Nepal

Career Opportunities after BBA in Nepal

Career Opportunities after BBA

The growing popularity of BBA in Nepal has broadened the interest of many students to pursue a degree in BBA. And if you are one among them willing to pursue the course but wondering whether it delivers a stable career future or not? The degree in BBA is one of the most job provider educational degree courses having the highest employment rate than any other degree.

As the program specializes in numerous domains of management and entrepreneurship, it unlocks opportunities in a vast array of career fields. This course offers you the knowledge of financial management, accounting, economics, and business development and marketing, which gives you a plethora of career paths to choose from as the program qualifies you with all these fundamental capacities and a comprehensive understanding of business operations.

Well, getting a prior insight into various Career Opportunities after BBA will help you take a promising step towards a future that you want to see within yourself. So, here are some of the popular jobs profiles that are always in high demand which you can choose to pursue after the successful completion of BBA:


1. Sales and Marketing

A sales and marketing manager is responsible for developing marketing opportunities and making appropriate sales plans as per the company’s guidelines and goals. It is one of the most important Career Opportunities after BBA where BBA graduates can look for career options. You will be responsible for advertising and selling the company’s products through engaging advertisement, emails and promotional strategies. The job position offers a heavy amount of salary and grants possible sales commissions as well.


2. Human Resource Manager

The HR manager is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and selecting capable employers for the company. It plays a vital role in managing company staff, determining salaries and remuneration and screening the performance of the company. You need to attain strong communication, collaboration, negotiation and interpersonal skills to grab the spot and entitled to a good salary and benefits packages.


3. Banks, Financial Services and Insurance

Bank and insurance are some of the popular Career Opportunities after BBA where you have to use the financial, accounting and economics skills gained during the course. You will be responsible to provide assistance to the clients, investors and companies and perform administrative works. You can eventually get promoted to the highest position and receive several benefits if you can unleash problem-solving skills, conflict management skills, marketing and IT skills.


4. Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting department is responsible for keeping a financial record of the company and providing financial and administrative support to clients and stakeholders. As a finance and accounting manager, you have to manage accounting activities and take charge of the financial health of the company. Every organization requires this department for its smooth operation and business prefers to hand over the role to BBA graduates.


5. Business Development Executive

The business development executive is responsible for boosting company sales by identifying and securing business opportunities in the market. The department is also required to build business relationships with potential clients and develop sales strategies. It is one of the popular Career Opportunities after BBA those who retain strong presentation, analytical and communication skill.


6. Entrepreneurship

If you are passionate about pursuing your own business venture, entrepreneurship is one of the great Career Opportunities after BBA as having the knowledge of business, finance and management will strengthen your expertise in entrepreneurship by maintaining a strong conceptual foundation. You can plan and execute your niche as per your vision and operational goal.

The BBA graduates are highly demanded to work on corporate houses, government officials, and many national and international projects. So, the Bachelor of Business Administration is a versatile professional degree course that will lead you to a great career track. However, one must devour into the crucial amount of time to properly research the type of degree they would prefer to pursue as it definitely influences their future career possibilities.

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