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BBA Philosophy

BBA is world’s another sought after business qualification that integrates academic rigor with real-life problem-solving approaches, which ultimately equips the BBA graduates with the entrepreneurial know-how to excel at business and management.

The program curriculum fuses business/ management theories with day-to-day business issues.  Students at this level are trained to explore fundamental business concepts while they simultaneously develop an awareness of ethically and socially responsible business practices, henceforth becoming team leaders capable of working effectively in a dynamic business world.

BBA at Presidential

The PBS BBA  is a 4-year, 120-credit program structured and built to produce middle-level managers/ business leaders. Equally competitive with the existent courses within the national curricula at universities here in Nepal, this Westcliff University degree offered by PBS is an international degree, which adheres to a global standard of the curriculum to garner international recognition while it still embraces local business/ managerial values. The School believes this transnational fusion embodied in the program produces human resources that not only cater to the need of both the domestic and global markets but also thrive individually and professionally.

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