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BScIT Philosophy

BSIT is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes IT business and development. The program provides determined, skilled and qualified human resources to solve the real-life IT problems. The students, as an IT practitioner, are trained to apply and explore the fundamental IT business development concept with ethical and social awareness.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) at PBS is a four years, 120 credit program designed to produce middle and supportive level IT practitioners. Accordingly, the program is a unique blend of Information Communication Technology (ICT) which covers a wide range of areas, from its theoretical, mathematical and algorithms foundations to leading-edge developments in computer intelligent system, robotics, computer vision, system design and development, bioinformatics, and data-mining/data warehouse. Consequently, the school believes the assortment of courses, offered in the program, produces competent IT human resources that not only cater to the need of both domestic and global markets but also thrive individually and professionally.

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