Presidential Business School

BScIT Philosophy

BSIT is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes IT business and development. The program provides determined, skilled and qualified human resources to solve the real-life IT problems. The students, as an IT practitioner, are trained to apply and explore the fundamental IT business development concept with ethical and social awareness.

BScIT at Presidential

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) at PBS is a four years, 120 credit program designed to produce middle and supportive level IT practitioners. Accordingly, the program is a unique blend of Information Communication Technology (ICT) which covers a wide range of areas, from its theoretical, mathematical and algorithms foundations to leading-edge developments in computer intelligent system, robotics, computer vision, system design and development, bioinformatics, and data-mining/data warehouse. Consequently, the school believes the assortment of courses, offered in the program, produces competent IT human resources that not only cater to the need of both domestic and global markets but also thrive individually and professionally.


Successively, the degree empowers the students to function effectively applying the learned skill in socioeconomic design and development. Besides, the graduates will independently work in three distinct components as listed below:


  • Develop effective methods to solve any types of computing problem
  • Invent modern global ways to use computers in IT sectors
  • Innovate, Design, Develop, and implement software according to global trend


Hence, this academic program provides students with a sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of ICT.

BScIT–Concentration in Networking

Computer networking provides knowledge regarding design and implementation of secure network environment including network architecture , topology, understanding of various coding language. It also covers configuration management, malware protection, user identification and access management including privilege access.


The fundamental objective of PBS is to produce competent Networking Specialists.

Course Outline


BScIT—General Education & Electives (33 credit hours)

CodeCourse TitleCredits
ENG 120English Composition3 credit hours
ENG 110Academic English3 credit hours
MAT 135College Algebra3 credit hours
HUM 221The Impact of Art: Visual, Design & Media3 credit hours
.........Ethics & Cyber Law3 credit hours
SBS 210Psychology, Motivation, and Decision Making3 credit hours
.........Organizational Behavior/Psychology3 credit hours
.........International Business3 credit hours
SCI 280Environment Sciences3 credit hours
COM 115Introduction to Communication3 credit hours
BUS 355Essentials of Entrepreneurship3 credit hours


BScIT—Core Courses (72 credit hours)

CodeCourse TitleCredits
BSIT 315Information Technology Essential3 credit hours
BSIT 320Introduction to Statistical Analysis3 credit hours
BSIT 328System Analysis and Design3 credit hours
BSIT 340Programming Concept3 credit hours
BSIT 345Programming Language3 credit hours
BSIT 350Database Management System (DBMS)3 credit hours
BSIT 355Technical Writing and Communication3 credit hours
BSIT 360Introduction to Data Communication Network3 credit hours
BSIT 330Discrete Mathematics3 credit hours
BSIT 375Knowledge Discovery and Data Science3 credit hours
BSIT 325Applied Statistics for Optimization3 credit hours
BSIT 365Computer Network Concept, Admin & security3 credit hours
BSIT 380Big Data Analytics3 credit hours
BSIT 385Data Visualization3 credit hours
BSIT 329Artificial Intelligence3 credit hours
BSIT 343Advanced Programming using Python/Java3 credit hours
BSIT 370Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques3 credit hours
BSIT 333Mobile Computing and Programming3 credit hours
BSIT 348Cloud Computing 3 credit hours
BSIT 335Web Page Design and Development 3 credit hours
BSIT ……Computer Architecture and Microprocessor 3 credit hours
BSIT …..Data Structure and Algorithms * 3 credit hours
BSIT …..Internship3 credit hours
BSIT 390Capstone Project3 credit hours


BScIT—Concentration in Networking (15 credit hours)

CodeCourse TitleCredits
System Administration (Linux, windows)3 credit hours
Network Architecture3 credit hours
Wireless Networking3 credit hours
Network Security3 credit hours
Cloud Infrastructure3 credit hours

BScIT Program Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology offered by PBS in affiliation with Westcliff University encourages students to achieve the following educational outcomes:


  • Evaluate current and emerging technologies.
  • Identify and gather user requirements to design user-friendly interfaces.
  • Apply, configure, and manage IT technologies
  • Utilize data to help business gain insights to help them make better decisions.
  • Access IT impact on individuals, organization, and the environment.
  • Apply IT concepts and strategies to solve real world problem.
  • Conduct research in the field of information technology and related fields.


Highschool/+2/A-Level or equivalent degree in any discipline from recognized board of Nepal or from any other board across the globe recognized by HSEB board of Nepal. For A- level, 3.5 credit hours is required.


4 Years

Graduation Requirements

Student must complete 120 prescribed credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, including 60 credits core business courses, 45 credits foundation, general education and elective courses and 15 credits concentration courses. In addition, a 60-days internship with report submission is required.