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MScIT Philosophy

MScIT is a demanding and valuable IT Business Development and professional qualification globally. Notably, the degree integrates intellectual rigor that incorporates to every ecommerce enterprises. In addition, the graduates are proficient problem solvers; and offer inputs to unravel the complexities in the IT domains. Eventually, the program produces executive team leaders who are capable of working effectively in constantly changing IT world.

MScIT at Presidential

The MScIT at PBS is a two years, 60 credits program designed to champion the need of IT professionals in various service sectors. The program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and theoretical understanding of the Information Technology industry and involves the integration of technology, people and strategic business development. It prepares graduates to create Information Technology related computing solutions to complex business problems and apply them to different areas of IT that they come across in their professional capacities and thereby, contribute is the accomplishment of organizational goals.

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