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IT career conclave at presidential

IT Career Conclave at Presidential


Digital technology has a profound influence on the world’s economy. The technological revolution of the IT sector has significantly advanced the various sectors of entertainment, business, education, and career. As informational technology continues to grow, it is making a consistent influence in our lives. Thanks to the emerging informational technology, we are also able to cope up with the unprecedented changes that occurred due to COVID-19. While the presence of IT is in everything we do from our regular chores to official operations, it is indicating towards the IT-driven economy in the future.


How will the future of IT be like in Nepal?

This emerging growth of IT requires more skilled and competent IT professionals in Nepal. So, to ascertain the hidden possibilities of the IT industry amongst the enthusiast, We Presidential Business School (PBS) along with Living with ICT organized an “IT Career Conclave” from 9th to 10th January 2021.


The program had 5 sessions in the span of 2 days held at the premise of PBS. The aim was to discuss the comprehensive aspect of the IT sector and understand the industry more.


Day 1: January 9, 2021


Session 1: “Emerging Technologies in the IT sector”

Understanding the possible technological trends in the upcoming days was the major objective of this session. Looking at the recent situation of the coronavirus that has forced every sector to adopt digital transformation more than ever before, we have stumbled upon obscured digital mediums that could not have been anticipated just a bit earlier. So, whether the mainstream technologies will remain a force or not, we are likely to discover newer forms of technologies in the IT sector. As mobile phones are not just a communication device at present, they have been serving as convenient tools for making bills and payments, getting a quick cab, or ordering online stuff, with change in time. Thus, the demand of the situation expands the limitless potential of technological development and brings discoveries that align with our needs.

Session 2: “Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship”

Technology is a broad and fast-growing field that has attracted many business people to venture tech startups. We have witnessed how technological innovation has contributed to delivering goods and services that touched the lives of humans and capabilities in various areas of agriculture, engineering, medicine, and manufacture.


However, there often arises the question mark on the sustainability of such ventures in an aspect of the technological scenario. Is it worth launching one that is not so tech-savvy Nepali market?


Jeevee helps us to effortlessly consult doctors through a single tap. Foodmandu succors our food cravings via an app that delivers cooked meals from any restaurant of our choice. Whereas, Khalti has been an instant and secured digital payment tool to easily transfer funds to our desired destination. These are some of the technology-based entrepreneurship bridging the gap of various health, banking, and food issues becoming an integral part of human beings. Since innovation is not just about Artificial Intelligence, it is about influencing human life, the start-up with innovative entrepreneurial ideas and solutions will always flourish and survive in the market. Therefore, there is always space for tech-driven enterprises that are unconventional and creative enough to touch the lives of the people.


Session 3: “IT is the FUTURE-Career Prospects-Q & A Session”

The technological landscape never ceases to surprise us with its incredible development that plays a crucial role in our day-to-day activities and has lots of possible business applications. It is replacing the traditional marketplace and embracing digital methodologies. The majority of IT enthusiasts are continuously experimenting to create equally useful artificial intelligence pursuing unlimited growth. As the corporate, educational, and entertainment world is vastly dependent on technologies, how can anyone be skeptical if IT is a future?


However, the pace of digital transformations is likely assumed to bring challenges to the IT workforce. If it is given a broader outlook, the evolution of technology should be contemplated more of an opportunity than a threat as per the career prospects. The substantial challenges of the innovations can be comprehended by retraining the additional skills that possess similar job responsibilities inclusion of merely a bit of advanced practices.

Day 2: January 10, 2021

Session 1: Connecting Talents with global opportunity

Technological advances are reshaping the recruiting platforms offering hassle-free access to match their skill sets and professional goals. It has revolutionized the way people seek job opportunities and associate with the global market. As the job search has been modified into digital platforms, the skilled job seeker is gaining a wider array of work options, flexibility, and competent wages making the marketplace more efficient and transparent. The power of digital platforms has transformed the conventional way of hiring and managing talents connecting them with more global opportunities.


Session 2: IT growth in Nepal in next 10 Years

As we witness the global evolution of technology, there are questions about Nepal’s progress in the IT sector, whether we will be able to convene the global changes or customize digital transformations as a whole. Understanding the digital aspects required for IT growth was the main objective of the session.


If you are interested to hear the edifying words from the industry experts themselves, you can get live footage of the conclave on our Facebook page.

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