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Best MBA College in Nepal

Choosing the right college can feel ominous at times with hundreds of colleges available, that are committed to the same motto of providing quality education. While you have chosen to pursue an MBA, deciding the best MBA college in Nepal is crucial to get you on a promising career track and have professional satisfaction. Since the type of college you choose will definitely influence the skills and attributes you receive, we believe this article will certainly help you determine your decisions.

What is MBA?

The Master of Business Administration is the world’s most sought-after professional degree that offers the students comprehensive knowledge of managerial, leadership, and technical skills. Pursuing an MBA degree expands your analytical, conceptual, quantitative skills, valuable connections, and business perception. It is a versatile degree that emphasizes multiple courses of accounting, finance, economics, and marketing with a practical project to deal with real-world business problems and gain exposure to professional business functions.

Scope of MBA

This two-year business qualification has successfully heightened the interest of the students from all backgrounds due to its increasing scope in Nepal and the imminent need for its skills in every organization. The practical-oriented learning pattern in this degree will infuse any high-level administrative and managerial post of both government and private sectors. Its highly adaptable scope has led to excessive demand for MBA graduates all over the world. With the practical training, internship, field visits, competitions, and case studies over the course of the program, you will be unlocking unlimited future possibilities and opportunities. Thus, these are some of the high paying job profiles you can look at after the completion of the program:

  1. Marketing manager
  2. Investment Banker
  3. Financial Manager
  4. Health Service Manager
  5. Business Operations Manager
  6. Management consultant

However, the opportunities are not limited to the aforementioned career profiles; you will receive abundant high-position jobs as per your stream and specialization in the future as the significance of MBA graduates is high in any sector.

Why MBA?

As you have decided to choose MBA, you are a step ahead of making a positive investment in your life. The majority of MBA alumni believe the degree to be personally, professionally, and financially rewarding. Besides, the skills, job opportunities, professional network, you gather through the program are limitless. You can achieve immense learning outcome of effective presentation skills of business analysis through appropriate communication approach, compile critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In addition to that, you will be capable of assessing the modern information technology techniques that are useful in real-world business problem-solving.

Best MBA College

If you are searching for the best MBA college in Nepal that can assure a quality learning experience and splendid college life, Presidential Business School is one of the leading MBA colleges in Nepal with the finest academic facility and competent syllabus.

Presidential Business School offers unparalleled education service with a holistic approach to teaching and learning of the students. It is affiliated to Westcliff University, California, the USA that has designed the curriculum to provide in-depth knowledge of business administration to prepare a student as a qualified and competent business professional. PBS offers 2 years, 60 credit internationally-recognized degree where you can acquire great international exposure and excellent career growth.

We believe a student must surround by a stimulating and vibrant environment to achieve the desired goal. So, we prioritize unconventional learning and teaching pedagogy to embrace the distinctiveness of every student. Our teaching approach is beyond the academic prospectus, we provide the right orientation, workshops, and industry-related projects, career conclave, seminars, and the required guidance to ensure every student grows beyond their potential.

We enhance research-based and action-oriented learning approaches to empower students with conceptual learning patterns and nurture them into sound professionals and make them agile enough to tackle unknown challenges in the real world We aim to develop motivation in students to appreciate the wisdom of acquiring lifelong learning, nurture positive attitude and self-confidence, develop the ability in leading and working in teams, to shoulder responsibility and understand business ethics.

If you want to explore more on what PBS offers, visit through MBA at Presidential.

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