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There is nothing quite like college days. The experience encompasses countless memories that summarizing in a few words won’t be enough. It is a certain phase of life that enables a secured foundation for our personal as well as professional trajectory. Especially while pursuing an MBA degree, the two years of college life correspond to a blend of work and academic rigor inundating full of proficient skills and essential learning. Moreover, the MBA college life becomes more dynamic when we spend it in our preferred college that suit our needs and interest. Presidential Business School is the best MBA college in Nepal that incorporates the best college life experience with an effective curriculum and flexible hours.


An MBA is the world’s most valuable business qualification. It is a powerful embodiment of some of the most desirable attributes in any executive: intelligence, innovation, and determination. So, how is the college life of the MBA aspirants? Is it all mundane worksheets and lectures? Not at Presidential. Although workloads are much heavier and on a broader level, the syllabus is discreetly designed to cater maximum advantage of academic learning while making the proper balance of work opportunities for the students.


The learning of the MBA program at Presidential Business School is a door of exposure to a diversity of backgrounds and profiles. Sharing the same space with highly experienced professionals of IT, a fashion designing or engineering talent is possible in a single premise. You are associated with the peer groups of enthusiastic and innovative attitudes that enhance boatloads of learning and profound networking opportunities. As Presidential creates unparalleled access to personal growth and development integrating multiple experiential pursuits, it encourages to actively involve in co-curricular activities and gain an extensive perspective through the participation. We constantly get immersed incorporate projects and college festivals at Presidential Business School that give a glimpse of industry and perceive useful insights. Such an opportunity to learn the corporate world and connect to industry experts before commencing the professional journey equips in-depth knowledge of strategy and analysis that makes it convenient in career decisions.


MBA is all about accomplishing comprehensive knowledge. It is an opportunity to enhance the analytical skills, self-confidence, leadership, and proficiencies required to ace the corporate world. So, the achievement during and after the completion of the degree is determined by the way you utilize the various learning of two years courses. At Presidential, the courses are equally competitive covering core courses in the first year and catering bunch of experiential curricula in the final year. The whole range of exciting courses certainly exposes loads of functional areas and makes every student capable of taking the initiative. As the college curriculum challenge and inspire the students, be it an initiative to organize own events or associate the corporate case competitions, it helps to leverage the executive and high-position roles right after the graduation or become the future-self.


Thus, the MBA college life at Presidential is a roller-coaster of opportunities, making errors and finding solutions. At times, it is the chance to make plenty of mistakes and learn from them to eventually connect the dots while exploring the real world.

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