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MSc IT: We make you play with data

MSc IT At PBS : We Make You Play With Data

As we are living in the digital era, information technology has influenced everything from education and banking to communications and transportations. Due to the multi-functional technology platforms, the world is revolutionized into an easier, faster, and more connected place. Thanks to IT graduates whose inventions have enhanced the quality of our life. Even after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, technology has made a significant effect in running the economy and operating the organizations virtually ensuring no physical entanglement.

So, if you are one of the IT enthusiasts willing to bring new development in technology, the MSc IT at PBS, affiliated with Westcliff University, is the first step toward your dream.

Whether you strive to be an IT manager to smoothen the IT operation of an organization or analyze computer systems as a computer system analyst, we emphasize conceptual learning to make you play with data that will eventually transform you into professional aces.


Comprehend technological advancement

The MSc IT degree at PBS is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and theoretical understanding of the Information Technology industry and involves the integration of technology, people, and strategic business development. As technology gets advanced drastically and the technical algorithms keep changing, IT professionals must be able to unravel unidentified challenges and strategically plan for managing the changes. At Presidential Business School, you will be proficient enough to evaluate the technological problems, generate computing essentials to solve them and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the computer systems. We encourage you to create strategic plans that implement information technology requirements and specifications of complex technology systems.

As we cannot control the direction of the technological evolution in the ways it will be adopted in the society with its exponential development, the graduates of MSc IT at PBS possess the knowledge and abilities to adopt those new technologies and construct database management systems to meet the needs of business and technology decision-makers as per the changes occurred.


Adopt new technology

A Master’s of Science in Information Technology is a degree program that expands your knowledge of concepts and techniques used in the information technology industry. But we all know technology changes at lightning speed. The continuous evolution of technology requires new ways to adopt the latest IT. Our curriculum of MSc IT at PBS teaches you how to practically use the updated technologies to solve problems in various areas of business, health, education, and entertainment. So, when you are required to oversee and monitor all technical aspects of the company, you will be able to analyze, develop, and maintain information technology infrastructure. It allows for the implementation of strategic initiatives that incorporate emerging technologies.

The MSc IT at PBS not only teaches you how to make use of the latest information technologies, it also equips you with the skills to become a leader and innovator in a large number of information technology-specific competencies.


Develop transferrable IT skills

Every company requires a team of computer experts to keep its system running. With many tech-savvy specialists having brilliant qualifications, competitions to get quality job positions are getting tougher. The curriculum at Presidential ensures you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that help you in debugging a program or while trying to decipher how to prevent anonymous geeks from hacking your company’s data.

Upon the completion of the MSc IT degree at PBS, the graduates will be equipped the attention to detail and analytical skills. Creating the appropriate result in a software program or application requires countless times of trials and errors because one line of code determines the making or breaking of the application. You must be agile enough to frequently experiment with the process and play with data.

At Presidential, we focus specifically on developing the ability to conduct in-depth research that prepares you to resolve the challenges you might face throughout your career and obtain the skills that not only grow your career but make a positive impact in any organization you work.


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