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PBS sales conqueror brings out the best

Selling is one of the indispensable skills required in the corporate world. In this vigorously competitive business era, where millions of enterprises are battling to be chosen against another, the selling initiative determines the efficiency of enticing the potential customers towards it. With a diverse range of customers who are usually pliable, understanding them and persuading them to buy your product can be a complex task. So, without the ability to build an efficacious pitch, the sales professional or a company cannot make a positive influence on the audience. The ability to successfully convince the customers to take immediate action is a competence that cannot be possessed by everyone but with a gradual understanding of the sales process, one can hone their selling skills and gain the desired outcome.


Therefore, selling skill is one of the important business techniques you must acquire regardless of the career you are involved in.


In order to empower students with this skill, Presidential Business School in collaboration with Ascendifly, organized the first-ever National Level Sales Competition for Bachelors level students to showcase their phenomenal selling skills that are pragmatic enough to meet the demand of the consumers. The competition was designed to potentially accelerate their critical thinking and research in bringing out the persuasive selling pitch and award the cash prize of NRS.50, 000 to the deserving winner.


How does PBS Sales conqueror bring out the best?


The majority of the entrepreneurs struggle to reach their goals due to poor selling skills. Gaining it can reward in building long-term customer relationships, convince key stakeholders and investors, win financial support and escalate sales numbers of the company. So, the core aim of PBS sales conqueror was to bring out the best and benefit participants with various expertise that can assist in their personal and professional journey.


  1. Develop self-confidence

A large part of your selling ability depends upon the level of your self-confidence. One must believe their product to appeal to others and make them believe your services are worth the use. Despite having much-needed competence such as research, ideas, the right attitude, and integrity, it is ultimately your self-confidence that determines how convinced your clients get and gain attainable leads. Developing self-confidence comes with a huge challenge, possibly, being able to combat negative distractions, handling crises, and overcoming the fear of disapproval. Consequently, PBS sales conqueror stimulated participants to step out of their comfort zone and learn to demonstrate their pitch with confidence. They were able to grab the attention with their captivating sales pitch and confident tone.


  1. Develop negotiation skills

The ability to negotiate in a cordial manner is one of the major essences in delivering mutual satisfaction. Effective negotiation contributes to building good relationships with consumers, identify possibilities and analyze the core source of provoking objections. PBS sales conqueror strived the candidates to embrace the flexible approach of creating and planning conscious sales pitches in clear communication while evaluating the need of other parties. Rather than settling with the short-term solutions, they delivered lasting and significant initiatives applying an assertive style of demonstration.


  1. Develop original ideas

As the consumers are accustomed to hearing many ways of selling products to them, they usually get inclined with the products if they are presented in a captivating approach. This boosts their interest to know its more information and significantly lead to an increase in sales number. So, as the candidates of the competition adopted an original perspective to present their idea tackling the local issues at the same time, it stimulated them to constantly think about unique strategies and original methods to sell their products. It subsequently helped them to know their products well and outline the pitch clearly before reaching out to the customers. Hence, developing original ideas imparts the capacities of thinking creatively and curates an inventive approach to overcome the crisis which serves positively in anyone’s personal and professional life.


  1. Develop people skills

Most of the business owners lag behind due to their lack of selling skills. When it comes to branding and selling their product, they often overlook the fact that everyone has distinct tastes and preferences. To attract efficient customers, one must determine its ideal consumers and present the product after identifying their needs and demand. The PBS sales conqueror sowed interpersonal skills like the appropriate way to interact with people, understand their behavior, and perceive the techniques to be receptive to ideas and feedback. Having these qualities definitely helps them in carrying out the proper research before serving products to specific groups and positively respond to the rejections if there are any.


PBS Sales conqueror placed a great platform for fostering the selling skills of the participant in the most creative way. They were equally competitive and visionary while presenting their ideas. After undergoing an extensive discussion, which indeed was tough, Mr. Sanjay Nepal was decided as the winner and Ms. Riju Bhattarai was a runner-up.

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