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Top 5 reasons to choose BBA

Top 5 reasons to choose BBA


Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is the world’s most sought-after professional undergraduate course that equips graduates with extensive knowledge and theoretical understanding of business and management to prepare them for a wide range of managerial positions and entrepreneurship. There are too many reasons to choose BBA


BBA at Presidential Business School is a 4 year, 120 credit program affiliated to American institution; Westcliff University that is designed and built to offer students with fundamental as well as practical professional skills in all phases of business including decision-making and problem-solving capacities.


Reasons to Choose BBA

There is prominent responsibility of management units and general administration for the veracious functioning of the corporate world which escalated the necessity of sound business proficiencies significantly. Its rise in demand for aspirants with comprehensive managerial and business knowledge has proliferated the scope of business management courses in the last decades. As the course incorporates the core function of the business such as accounting, marketing, finance, and management, the undergraduate Business Administration degree has been contemplated as a prime choice for many students willing to engross in the entrepreneurial or executive niches.

If you are one of the enthusiasts inclined to work in an operational position of the corporation, here are five reasons to choose BBA in Nepal.


1. Multiple specializations

The BBA curriculum is structured with multiple specializations required for the expertise of the industrial field. There comprises a vast array of educational subjects such as business behavior, economics, and the principle of management, accounting, and marketing in the BBA program. The exploration of diversified topics unlocks ample opportunities for uncovering and learning various domains of sales, operating, and marketing. Hence, the students will be exposed to plenty of professional skills and develop cohesive personalities in accordance with their subject specifications unfolding wider career options and many future possibilities.


2. Market scope

One of reasons to choose BBA As the existing market is inundated with various renowned companies, they require personnel with well-equipped skills to run their day-to-day operations smoothly. All these business organizations strive to recruit candidates who demonstrate the ability to fulfil multiple managerial positions and hold a sense of ideals that complements their needs and objectives. Hence, the broad knowledge of BBA graduates opens up facile access to be a part of those positions and often earns fast-paced promotions to higher positions with relevant experience and exposure.


3. Higher salary

The high-paying wage scale is one of the important aspects of the professionals pursuing any career field. Every student wants to opt for an educational degree that contributes well return on investment in the future. So, as the BBA program opens job roles in various administrative and operational positions, these professions remunerate the best salaries with additional benefits as well. The BBA students can start receiving an average salary of 2 to 3 lakhs per annum right after their graduation in Nepal. With the simultaneous increase in four to five years’ experience, you will be subjected to promotions and achieve raise in remunerations. Also, the 4-year long program is quite affordable as compared to other degrees which aid in getting desirable worth for the money you invested with the high-paying career roles.


4. Higher education

Enrolling in the BBA program is the pathway to broader options of higher education is another one of reasons to choose BBA. You get qualified of studying various courses that include Masters of Business administration (MBA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Masters in finance management and economics, and many more. Among numerous post-graduate options available for the graduates, BBA is considered as the preparation phase for the MBA and is the most preferred course after the completion of the undergraduate program due to its exposure to similar fundamentals and learning.


5. Versatile career opportunities

The BBA course is the integrated curriculum of theoretical and practical understanding that emphasizes acquiring the application of real-world skills and attributes. It focuses on empowering students with various capacities in accomplishing different roles as per the market need through its updated syllabus. As the program qualifies you with these abilities to perform crucial management roles of the business, it unlocks opportunities in different career fields. Some of the versatile career opportunities that are always in high demand are given below:


  1. Sales and marketing
  2. Human resource manager
  3. Business development executive
  4. Banks, financial services, and insurance
  5. Entrepreneurship



A BBA degree is a stepping stone to a plethora of educational and professional opportunities. If you are striving to immerse yourself in administration and entrepreneurship, this course will certainly help to uplift the ladder of your future goals. So, stop having any second thoughts and enroll right now. Check out Presidential BBA Program to explore more about it.

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