Presidential Business School

The true meaning of learning smartly consists in practical, analytical, and research-based learning guided by our veteran academicians who can instill motivation in our students to learn differently but usefully. We, therefore, emphasize on enabling an environment rather than dictating the process. Faculty members serve as facilitators rather than teachers who encourage students to take initiative in their learning. This is because we emphasize on conceptual clarity, and on application of knowledge and skills to the problem-solving of the real world.


Lecture sessions at PBS are characteristically interactive with the faculty members facilitating the learning process so that students automatically delve deep into the subject under study. The discussions in the class are complemented with case analysis and presentations, reviews and feedback of presentation, robustly participatory project-work involving studies of real organizations, and internships. One most extensively used tool is the research-based-action learning approach. It enhances learning process by enabling the acquisition of application skills. This process stresses active learning and experimentation, builds theoretical capacity for dialogue and enhances skills in problem solving. Information gathering and critical analysis are natural products of this approach. We emphasize the need of an up-to-date learning in this rapidly changing world because knowledge becomes obsolete as reality changes. The ability to work together, lead, follow, and understand others can only be enhanced if learning is not limited to the acquisition of knowledge but reaches beyond.

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