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Types of internship for BBA students


An internship is a certain period of work experience offered by organizations for the students who want to get hands-on knowledge of the professional working environment and get exposure to the corporate world. It allows you to implement all the theoretical understanding into action and get prepared for stepping into professional life. The purpose of an internship is to help you strengthen administrative aptitude and professional development to ace the cut-throat competition in the evolving job market.

Doing an internship, during any academic degree is the best approach to determine your interest in the profession and accumulate professional experiences before figuring out your career trajectory. Therefore, the multidisciplinary curriculum of BBA integrates extensive exposure to practical learning and a mandatory internship program for helping the students develop hands-on experience.


Importance of internship
As an internship enables you to understand real-world problems and learn multiple attributes while earning some stipend, it plays a vital role in shaping the future of your career dreams.


  1. Gain Work Experience
    The majority of recruiters prefer candidates with a relevant, more than qualifications. The work experience provides assurance of your technical skills and awareness to the real-business operation. With an internship, you are getting skills of applying your knowledge to the operational task without having anyone to guide you. Thus, the internship opportunity is a convenient way to gain working experience and build a strong resume
  2. Identify Your Interest
    One of the major role of an internship is to help you identify the real interest by experimenting with diverse work roles. The more you experiment with varied task, you gain much experience to discover what specific career is right for you. Despite knowing the job position and their working process, you won’t understand what it’s like to perform regularly without doing it. So, taking an internship reveals a particular job atmosphere and helps you decipher if it actually is something you want to perform for long-run.
  3. Increase Networking
    Networking is crucial in corporate industry to acquire support during challenging phase and keep a pulse on ongoing opportunities. During internship, you are under the supervision of the seniors who can turn into a perspective mentor to help you with necessary resources or advice for the future career aspects. The increase in networking enhances your capacities of building strong relationship and potential collaborations in future.
  4. Unlock Placement Opportunities
    Most of the companies hire the interns as a permanent employee if their performance appeals to them. So, if you effectively adopt the learned skills and display sincere interest for the work, internship helps to unlock placement opportunities as well. As the employer will be cognizant about your work ethics, ability and knowledge, you can increase the chance of landing the job with notable performance.

When is the right time to start BBA internship?

BBA is a 4-year, 120-credit program that is offered by several institutions in Nepal at the varied schedule. So, being a BBA student, you can apply for internship at any year that is feasible to balance work and study as the companies hire the interns throughout the year.


Types of BBA internship 

As the program specializes on multiple domains of business and management, the BBA opens up students with huge possibility of internship that prepares for the wide range of career opportunities after BBA in Nepal in several managerial and high-paying job positions right after the graduation.

Here are the types of internship for BBA students offered by several corporate in Nepal:

  1. Business Development
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Human resource internship
  4. Financial accounting
  5. Management trainee
  6. Research
  7. Communication officer


How to get an internship in Nepal?

Some of the leading BBA colleges in Nepal encompass their own job placement cell under the student service department to provide best career opportunities for their students. They will be associated with multiple corporate houses to help you with standard internship arrangements and employment placement.

Even if there is no such facility in your institution, there is plethora of esteemed organizations seeking the passionate interns. They usually advertise the vacancy requirement post in their social media profiles and publish through several job portal medium. At the same time, you can also ask your seniors or acquaintance for the related opportunities. In this way, get in touch with one firm and send the updated resume to get an internship in Nepal.

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