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5 Important life lessons I learned at Presidential

Take your time.

I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish but had no definite direction when I entered Presidential. It was often difficult to listen to those who were already certain about their major, their desired profession, or a certain job they aspired to.

Fortunately, the Presidential’s wide core curriculum allowed me to avoid having to make a hasty decision. Each semester, I took a different course until I figured out what I wanted to pursue. With the passage of time, I decided to major in marketing. Some would think it was too late in the game, but there was still plenty of time! When it comes to determining what you want to study or your professional path, there is no need to feel rushed. Enrolling in a college with a predetermined curriculum does not make a student more intelligent. Take it slowly and enjoy the ride!


Learn to ask for help

I was a bit hesitant during my initial days at the Presidential. However, my confidence grew significantly after each semester. My only regret is that I did not speak up as much in class during my first year as I could have.

The faculties at Presidential are kind and welcoming. There’s no reason to be self-conscious. You’ll be astonished at how much better you’ll feel after you reach out. Spending time worrying about something that may simply be resolved with a brief talk is not a good idea. It took me some time to act on this, but once I did, it was a game-changer.


Do not be afraid of public speaking

Presentations and group discussions are a big aspect of the curriculum at Presidential. I had never spoken in front of such a huge gathering before. I’d be both nervous and aware. It took me a couple of presentations to learn that there was nothing to be frightened of. The faculties at PBS were never judgmental. After four years of standing in front of a classroom, both alone and with groups, I finally feel confident in my ability to do so without the anxiety I felt at first.


Go beyond the books

You can widen your understanding of our research-based teaching system. You may learn a great deal more about a topic by reading journal papers. Earlier, I was unaware whether information can also be misleading. I learned to confirm the sources’ authenticity. Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of voluntary activities in order to get practical experience and build a professional network.

We are also encouraged to be creative with the contents in our research-based assignments as we take references from various beyond the books learning resources like talk shows, creative commercials, and interviews. Recently for my graduation project, I visited a company and took interviews with the HR and Brand Manager and got insights on the company and its culture. This helped me to understand the corporate culture in a real scenario.

The importance of teamwork and friendship

“Teamwork makes a dream work” – John Maxwell. Being a team member entails collaborating with people of all backgrounds to achieve a shared objective. During our class discussions, group presentations, and also during sports week have taught me the essence of friendship and teamwork in life. Teamwork requires an understanding of each individual’s strengths so that work delegations can be made effective. Similarly, it helps in self-evaluation and identifying our own strengths and weakness. We can also learn and get insights from the team members as their opinion differs from self. Teamwork is important in professional life as well to make the tasks easier to accomplish.

In general, my four years at the Presidential Business School have been amazing. The lessons I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had will help me tremendously as I go on to my next challenge. I owe Presidential Business School a debt of gratitude for this incredible experience.

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