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Namaste !!

Welcome to Presidential Grade Shoot is pullege and honor to be a leading team member of the outstanding institution of higherstudies.

The growth Presidential has achieved in the years since its Inception and the impact and contribution has been able to make in the higher education sector in Nepal significant with affiliation to weariff Unendly, Presidential has brought home the globally recognized accredited American degrees for spring Staderes batch of our business and information Technology programs Sundergraduate and graduate has practical, innovative and technologically advanced cumlum designed to impart knowledge, skill, attitude and competencies to our students to be the best fe for the professional care and society as a whole. we are proud of our and the achievements who are now part of esteemed rascations various sectors like banking, insurance, academic, hospitality, marketing to name a few. Some are successfully leading their entrepreneurial venture. Our unparalleled faculty expertise and resources, their support and collaboration make the learning experience at Presidential enriching for students.

We always strive to lead, inspire and innovate in the academic ecosystem. And our gratitude to everyone who have joined us in this mission.

I am proud and honored to be a member of Presidential and hope you will feel the same. Come join us.

Kalpana Gurung


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