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BBA Program Learning Outcomes

BBA program learning outcomes besides academic curriculum

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the most sought-after professional course all over the world due to its versatile scope of career opportunities and competent curriculum. Because it is designed to give a conceptual foundation of business fundamentals with evolving practical approaches, it helps to develop general learning outcomes that allow for professional as well as personal growth besides conventional educational setting which builds students capable of working effectively in the highly competitive business market. As the BBA program specializes in dynamic subjects of marketing, economics, accounting, organizational behaviour and human resource management, the students will be able to gain a plethora of following learning skills that will eventually turn them into professional aces:

1. Communication competence:

Upon the completion of the program, BBA graduates will acquire the ability of verbal, written and other various modern communications medium to convey effective presentation of business analyses, concepts and recommendations to the intended audience in a professional manner.

2. Critical thinking and decision making:

BBA graduates will be able to gather comprehensive proficiency of managerial abilities; the capacity of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, intellectual and analytical competence to identify and analyse business problems and opportunities, demonstrate feasible alternative and make appropriate decisions to manage the business challenge.

3. Global business perspective:

The students will be knowledgeable about multicultural business practices and know-how the economical, social, cultural and political factors of the global issues can influence business decision making. The students will be capable to identify and analyse the challenges and demonstrate a feasible alternative to make effective decisions.

4. Entrepreneurship competence:

With the broad range of entrepreneurship workshops, field visits, internships, competitions and expert guidance, the graduates will possess the innovative knowledge, team player skills and leadership attributes required to effectively run the business and make flexible changes as per the demand of the business market.

5. Technical skills:

Upon the completion of the program, the students will be able to blend various computer applications to address business needs. They will gather the knowledge of current software, operating systems, technology required to effectively prepare strategic business plans and interpret quantitative data that fastens the organization's workflows and performance.

6. Ethical understanding:

The graduates will be able to apply moral codes of ethics, values and practices in business operations and decision making to reflect the positive reputation and run by the core values of the profession. They will skilfully identify ethical conflicts and social responsibility matters within the organization and deal with the issues with honesty and ethical integrity.

BBA program offers endless skills and proficiency that are competent enough to produce human resource which not only tenfold the demand of both the national and global markets but also uplift the student to thrive individually and professionally.

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