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Best BScIT College in Nepal

Best BScIT College in Nepal

Can we randomly choose any colleges for BSc IT? After all, we will accomplish the same degree from the colleges that have specialization in BSc IT. Will it be worth it? In a growing competitive market where highly skilled personnel are merely the hot pick of every company out there, we want you to be sensible while choosing the best BSc IT College to have a successful college experience and be a choice of prestigious organizations. While every institutions are founded to be a major foundation of the students academic success, not all colleges can fulfil the sort of requirements your distinctive nature requires. So, this article uncovers why choosing Presidential Business School can be best for your future.


BScIT at Presidential

Presidential Business school is one of the leading BSc IT College in Nepal with a competent syllabus and academic facility. It is affiliated to Westcliff University, California, the USA that has designed the curriculum to provide in-depth knowledge of Information technology that prepares students for professional as well as personal development to evolve in the progressing sector of Information technology.

As B.Sc. computer science and information technology (BSc IT) is a four-year undergraduate academic program that emphasis on interdisciplinary fields of IT. We provide a quality-assured curriculum with conceptual foundation of IT fundamentals and practical operating systems for the students inclined to pursue a career in the sector of information technology.

PBS offers a 120 credit hours BSc IT program with practical exposures and modern learning pedagogy to allow the students to keep up with the technological change. We at Presidential adopt the practical teaching approach to preparing the graduates to identify and analyze information technology-related problems and demonstrate various computing solutions to apply them in different areas of IT. We have been facilitating students to embark on industry-related projects and practices through training sessions, workshops, internships, competitions and guidance. We recently organized an IT career conclave in coordination with Living with ICT to explore the hidden possibilities of information technology. Our biggest objective is to offer unparalleled education service to the enthusiasts and let them thrive beyond their potential.


Scope of BScIT

With the growing evolution of digital technologies, it has tremendously increased the demand for skilled IT professionals globally. Due to this, the BSc IT program is one of the most sought-after subjects among youths at present. As the course focuses on different areas of information technology such as programming, hardware, software and information security, we at Presidential stand as a pillar to be qualified IT practitioners to solve and deal with real-life IT problems. We are aquatinted with wide range of career possibilities in domestic as well as global market unlocked by Information Technology. So, we adopt competent teaching approach that caters the BSc IT graduates to effortlessly embark on their IT career as a software developer, web and database developer, technical writer or system analyst. The students are also given proper guidance if they wish to proceed with the postgraduate course after its completion and emerge into high paying senior-level positions.

Why BScIT?

We are living in the technological era where our communicating, learning, thinking and working behaviours are getting advanced day by day. Every technological creation has been developed to meet the need of the individual and society through the attributes of IT knowledge and while there are lots of space for the innovations, you can be the next IT professional to change the face of IT inventions. Also as we are often thriving from unconventional evolution in the field of IT, it has provoked the IT enthusiasts to mandatorily study IT to follow up the various technological change. With the BSc IT program, you will be able to invent modern global ways to use computers in IT sectors and learn to innovate, design, implement and develop software according to the global trend that has the potential of making you an IT change maker.

BSc IT learning outcomes

On the completion of the BSc IT program, the students will be able to:

1. Identify and analyze existing and emerging technologies to improve the efficiency of computer operating systems.

2. Communicate through written and verbal medium to effectively present the IT concepts and strategies to the specialized groups.

3. Develop knowledge of technological concepts, methods and practices and apply them to effectively curate IT problems.

4. Design, develop and innovate modern informational technology methodologies through practical approaches.

5. Deal with any kind of technical issues by attempting industry-related projects and practices.

6. Execute continuous research in the field of informational technology to observe problems, analyze them and design appropriate solutions.


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