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My MBA journey at Presidential Business School

Like any other student, I was excited about where to study for my graduate program. I had completed my undergraduate program at one of the renowned universities of Nepal. However, I knew I did not want to pursue any ordinary degree.

I explored Presidential Business School while I was scrolling through my social media feeds. Their admission advertorial captured my attention. Immediately I sent them a message and subtly received an instant reply too. The team here at PBS was very helpful from the initial stage of my application process. They guided me and gave me detailed consultations and sorted out any of my confusions. If you are facing any dilemma as a student, do not forget to seek or get in touch with the counselors here at PBS.

The main reason for me to join Presidential Business School was the international credentials. Getting an international degree without having to leave my home.

I was also allured with the class timings since I could balance my full-time work as well. Also, there were multiple benefits of getting an international degree in Nepal.

I believe that life is a learning process and that understanding our talents and limitations may help us grow as professionals in whatever we choose to accomplish. An individual’s strengths and shortcomings influence how well they achieve in their jobs and lives. As a part of my internship program, I had joined a corporate company, and that is when I realized I enjoyed the corporate culture on how things operated and I liked the experience. This was one of the major reasons that made me want to set my career in the corporate world. I’d also like to put my MBA skills and expertise to good use by learning more about company culture, management, and leadership qualities to gain valuable real-world experience.

The core competencies followed here were astonishing and challenging as well because I had always studied in a traditional method. The learning approaches here at PBS were new for me. The teachers here guided me to write the CLAs and PAs and helped me excel academically. What I love the most is the learning approach here is beyond the textbooks and whiteboards. We have a digital board, digital library, and much more.

The research-based system has highly polished my research skills and also made me a person to look and trust for research papers rather than ordinary portals.

PBS is not just good in academics, but also best in extra-curricular activities. In the two years of my MBA journey, I was able to build my network rapidly. The events here help us to connect. I am glad that I will be able to complete my master’s on time amidst the pandemic without any interruption. With pride, I can say that I am a part of the Best MBA College in Nepal.

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