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Top 5 reasons to choose MScIT

The Master of Science in Information Technology program at Presidential Business School is the initial step toward expanding your profession, whether you want to be an enterprise computer systems analyst, a small business application developer, or a consultant who works your own hours. With MScIT degree you can grow expertise in computer science and boost your career in the booming domain of information technology. When it comes to tomorrow’s workforce, a Master’s degree in Information Technology will put you ahead of the game.


The MScIT program at PBS is a two-year, 60-credit program designed to meet the growing demand for IT experts in a variety of service industries. The curriculum combines technology, people, and strategic business growth to give complete expertise and theoretical understanding of the Information Technology sector.


  1. Build Your Credibility
    In the information technology field, reputation is crucial, and a Master of Science in Information Technology degree may help you establish that credibility. Master’s degrees, particularly in technical disciplines like Information Technology, represent a greater level of specialized expertise, which helps to establish trust among colleagues and clients.
  1. Make progress in your career
    The shift from individual contributor to manager is maybe the most difficult thing that most IT workers face. Senior management wants to know that you have the qualifications to join their ranks before they spend time and money in you and your career. A master’s degree in information technology is a fantastic certification to have, as it demonstrates your leadership and desire to progress.
  1. Possibility of Growth
    Within your current position, there is a lot of room for advancement. At every turn, advancement will knock on your door. Many tech professionals succeed in the market, but only those with a degree get promoted to managerial positions.
  1. It’s a booming field
    The majority of students are concerned about obtaining work after graduation. While nothing is guaranteed in the job market, employment in the information technology area appears to be on the rise. It’s no surprise that IT workers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, given the digital age’s ongoing demand for innovative solutions for data storage, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more.
  1. IT professionals can operate in almost any field
    IT specialists are in high demand, and they also have the benefit of being able to work in almost any business. Technology underpins various types of organizations, so you can find a tech job in industries as diverse as retail, banking, manufacturing, and education. While this may not appear to be a huge deal at first glance, it does guarantee job security. Recessions and economically difficult periods are unavoidable. Having a skill set that is widely applicable and desirable is a great asset in times of uncertainty. IT skills provide possibilities and having options never hurts.


MScIT Program Outcomes


The Master of Science in Information Technology offered by PBS in affiliation with Westcliff University encourages students to achieve the following educational outcomes:


– Create strategic plans that implement information technology requirements and specifications of complex technology systems.

– Evaluate computer systems and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating value computing methodologies.

– Analyze, design, develop, and maintain information technology infrastructure to allow for the implementation of strategic initiatives that incorporate emerging technologies.

– Analyze and construct database management systems to meet the needs of business and technology decision-makers.

– Compare and contrast various methodologies of computer systems design for the purpose of creating efficacy in computer-related business functions.

– Create and develop the ability to conduct in-depth research, independently or within the enterprise in a broad range of information technology.

– Create, innovate, design, and improve technical aspects of data collection and analysis to sustain competitive advantage.


This degree program emphasizes the most recent IT insights and equips students with the skills necessary to adapt to changes and improvements in today’s technology environment. Graduates of the program enter the workforce with the ability to use technology to boost productivity, produce revenue, and manage organizational transformation. However, none of this would be feasible unless you first grasped the concept of technology management.

Hence, we here at Presidential are ready to upskill your potentials. If you want to explore more on what PBS offers.

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