Presidential Business School

Innovation Lab

PBS Innovation Lab is a platform for promoting and supporting Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Preparedness. With Idea, Implementation and Skills at the core, the Lab assists students in nurturing their business ideas. The lab provides the required resources and expertise along with market linkage opportunities and also helps in developing the necessary entrepreneurial skill sets to help the students in pursuing their entrepreneurial journey and turning their business dreams into reality.

  • The Lab strongly believes in supporting business ideas beyond ideation hence, has a seed fund set up purely to support student-led businesses in the initial stages.
  • The lab also engages in community programs and social works. It focuses on continually working towards the society and helps students to engage in community development programs.
  • The lab regularly conducts workshops, training, webinars, guest lecture sessions and industrial trips and visits to connect the students with the requisites of a successful business venture.
  • The Lab is a support system dedicated to all members of the PBS family and works towards instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and perspective to all its members which would surely be useful in the diverse walks of lives.
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