Presidential's IT Workshop on Mastering Blockchain Essentials

We sincerely thank Mr. Devashish Kumar, the accomplished Managing Director of CODROIDHUB Pvt. Ltd. based in Noida, Delhi. His exceptional guidance illuminated our path during the immersive 'Mastering Blockchain Essentials: From Concept to Implementation' workshop.

Throughout this transformative program, our students, comprising both BSc.IT and MSc.IT embarked on a profound exploration of blockchain's core principles. From grasping fundamental concepts to gaining hands-on expertise, Mr. Kumar's seasoned mentorship ensured a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology. As we conclude this enlightening session, our students stand poised at the forefront of this captivating realm, ready to shape the future.

In addition, the workshop created a conducive environment for people to network, exchange ideas, and form significant professional relationships.

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