Presidential focuses not only on the academic prospect, but also promote extra co-curricular activities to further enhance the personality of a student. Presidential gives the platform to unleash the talents through different events both cultural and sports. We have annual events such as Sports Week, Presidential Gala, Holi and other fun activities to rejoice the occasions. Such events are managed by different clubs led by students themselves. Students bond intimately with one another irrespective of their castes, creeds, cultures, regions, and ethnicities, hence improving on their emotional and social intelligence to hone their inherent soft skills important for their corporate lives.

Presidential students also understand the ethos of CSR (that is, Corporate Social Responsibility), and perceive it as part of their co- or extra- curricular activities. Their involvement in such activities ranges from humanitarian work like organizing blood donation programs to cleaning campaigns, walkathons and documentary shows on the World Environment Day every year.