Master of Science in Information Technology

2 Years 60 Credit Hours
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MSc IT is a demanding and valuable global qualification in the growing IT industry. Msc.IT offers all aspects of designing, building and managing data, information and communication technologies with intellectual rigor required in the dynamic business world, ecommerce, health, education and others. In addition, the graduates are proficient problem solvers; and offer inputs to unravel the complexities in the IT domains. Eventually, the program produces executive team leaders who are capable of working effectively in the constantly changing IT world.

Over a million IT jobs are created every year and newer opportunities are opened with a good knowledge and understanding for what is essential. Having an advanced knowledge and understanding gives our students an upper hand in the competitive world of business and employment. Opportunities open up into technical, management and information systems as well as possible individual foundations. Graduates who are able to combine these aspects will have opened to them a wide variety of jobs having high demand. Not to mention how IT has now become a well respected profession among professionals.


The MScIT at PBS is a two year, 60 credit program designed to address the need of IT professionals in various service sectors. The program provides comprehensive knowledge and theoretical understanding of the Information Technology industry and involves the integration of technology, people and strategic business development. It prepares graduates to create Information Technology related computing solutions to complex business problems and apply them to different areas of IT that they come across in their professional capacities. Eventually, they contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Courses Content
MScIT–Course Content
2 Years 60 Credit Hours 20 Modules

  • CLD 600
    Virtualization and Storage
    3 Credit Hours
  • MSIT 607
    Advanced Database Design & Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • EMT 610
    3 Credit Hours
  • ITM 610
    Networking Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • EMT 620
    3 Credit Hours
  • MSIT 636
    Research Methodology
    3 Credit Hours
  • IOT 600
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    3 Credit Hours
  • --- --- ---
    Data Science
    3 Credit Hours

  • MIS 500
    Managing Information Systems & Technology
    3 Credit Hours
  • MIS 510
    Information Technology Project Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • MIS 520
    Leading Strategic Change with Technology
    3 Credit Hours
  • MIS 540
    Management of Information Security
    3 Credit Hours
  • MIS 545
    Business Architecture and Organizational Transformation
    3 Credit Hours
  • MIS 550
    Big Data Analytics and Visualization
    3 Credit Hours
  • CAP 690
    Masters Applied Capstone
    3 Credit Hours
Learning Outcomes

What you'll learn

The Master of Science in Information Technology offered by PBS in affiliation with Westcliff University encourages students to achieve the following educational outcomes:

  • Create strategic plans that implement information technology requirements and specifications of complex technology systems.

  • Evaluate computer systems and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating value computing methodologies.

  • Analyze, design, develop, and maintain information technology infrastructure to allow for implementation of strategic initiatives that incorporate emerging technologies.

  • Analyze and construct database management systems to meet the needs of business and technology decision makers.

  • Compare and contrast various methodologies of computer systems design for the purpose of creating efficacy in computer-related business functions.

  • Create and develop the ability to conduct in-depth research, independently or within the enterprise in a broad range of information technology.

  • Create, innovate, design, and improve technology aspects of data collection and analysis to sustain competitive advantage.


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Our esteemed MSc.IT student, as he unravels his enlightening journey at Presidential Business School. Delve into the unmatched academic landscape and rich non-academic pursuits that define our MSc.IT program. Grasp the essence of the unwavering support and mentorship our dedicated team offers, and get a glimpse of the invaluable resources like career counseling, workshops, and guest lectures that elevate our student experience. Join us on this voyage of excellence and distinction. 🎓

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