BScIT -Cybersecurity

4 Years 120 Credit Hours
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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT) is an interdisciplinary program that places primary emphasis on the core principles of Information Technology while also cultivating skills for creating businesses based on IT. The program aims to produce determined, skilled, and qualified professionals capable of addressing real-life IT problems. As IT practitioners, students are trained to apply and explore fundamental IT business development concepts with a strong emphasis on ethical and social awareness.

The BScIT degree represents a valuable investment, providing students with the tools to enter the technologically advanced world. Through engagement in various tasks such as designing, programming, understanding theoretical systems, networking, and more, students gain a competitive edge in the advanced and dynamic IT sector. Recognizing the ubiquitous role of IT in every sector, this course not only opens new paths but also presents diverse career opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a future in Information Technology.


Westcliff University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program, offered by the Presidential Graduate School, is a four-year, 120-credit program meticulously designed to cultivate mid and supportive-level IT practitioners. This unique program encompasses a broad spectrum of Information Communication Technology (ICT), ranging from its theoretical and mathematical foundations to cutting-edge developments in computer intelligent systems, robotics, computer vision, system design and development, bioinformatics, and data-mining/data warehousing. The school firmly believes that the diverse range of courses offered in this program produces competent IT professionals capable of meeting the demands of both domestic and global markets while thriving individually and professionally. This 4-year, 120-credit BScIT degree represents a high-value investment.

Furthermore, the degree empowers students to effectively apply their acquired skills in socioeconomic design and development. Graduates are equipped to independently engage in three distinct components:

1. Develop effective methods to solve various computing problems.

2. Invent modern, global applications of computers in IT sectors.

3. Innovate, design, develop, and implement software in alignment with global trends

This academic program not only provides students with a robust conceptual foundation but also imparts practical skills in various areas of ICT, ensuring they are well-prepared for the dynamic and evolving field of Information Technology.

Courses Content
BScIT–Specialization in Cybersecurity

The BScIT Cybersecurity concentration is designed to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for implementing security measures across diverse digital environments. In an era of continuous technological advancement, Cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in safeguarding digital assets and sensitive information from evolving cyber threats and attacks.

This program empowers students not only to protect against threats but also to secure software and systems, monitor cyber operations, conduct digital forensics, and ensure compliance. By combining elements of computer science, data science, and risk management, it fortifies digital defenses and equips individuals to respond effectively to the ever-changing landscape of security challenges. Thus, it stands as an essential and dynamic component in safeguarding modern digital environments.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, students delve into best practices and principles for safeguarding data and networks against unauthorized access or tampering. They gain valuable insights into developing policies and strategies that ensure robust protection against a spectrum of cyber threats. This specialization prepares students to be proactive defenders in the realm of Cybersecurity, addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals in this critical field.

4 Years 120 Credit Hours 40 Modules

  • DATA 100
    Introduction to Data Analytics
    3 Credit Hours
  • NET 100
    Introduction to Networking
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 100
    Introduction to Technology
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 110
    Technology and Systems
    3 Credit Hours
  • MTH 150
    Discrete Mathematics
    3 Credit Hours
  • DATA 200
    Applied Statistical Analytics
    3 Credit Hours
  • NET 200
    Network Routing and Switching
    3 Credit Hours
  • DATA 210
    Database Design & Analytics
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 220
    Information Security
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 250
    Technical Documentation and Communication
    3 Credit Hours
  • NET 300
    Cloud Computing
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 300
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    3 Credit Hours
  • LDR 302
    Introduction to Leadership
    3 Credit Hours
  • LDR 303
    Foundations in Operations Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 310
    Management of Information Systems
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 320
    Authorization and Access Control Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • TECH 330
    Emerging Technologies
    3 Credit Hours
  • CAP 490
    Capstone Project
    3 Credit Hours

  • --- --- ---
    Numerical Methods
    3 Credit Hours
  • --- --- ---
    Applied Calculus
    3 Credit Hours
  • CLD 400
    Virtualization and Storage
    3 Credit Hours
  • PRG 330
    Python Programming
    3 Credit Hours
  • PRG 401
    3 Credit Hours
  • PRG 402
    Mobile Programming Applications
    3 Credit Hours
  • DCS 403
    Data Structures & Algorithms Design
    3 Credit Hours

  • CYB 400
    Threat and Vulnerability Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • CYB 401
    Software and Systems Security
    3 Credit Hours
  • CYB 402
    Cyber Operations and Monitoring
    3 Credit Hours
  • CYB 403
    Digital forensics and incident response
    3 Credit Hours
  • CYB 404
    Compliance and Assessment
    3 Credit Hours

  • Composition 1
    3 Credit Hours
  • Composition 2
    3 Credit Hours
  • Academic Communication
    3 Credit Hours
  • College Algebra
    3 Credit Hours
  • Psychology, Motivation, and Decision Making
    3 Credit Hours
  • Creating a Sustainable World: Technology and Energy Solution
    3 Credit Hours
  • History of Social Movements
    3 Credit Hours
  • The Impact of Art: Visual, Design & Media
    3 Credit Hours
  • Speech, Debate & Ethics
    3 Credit Hours
  • Integrative Studies Capstone
    3 Credit Hours
Learning Outcomes

What you'll learn

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology offered by PBS in affiliation with Westcliff University encourages students to achieve the following educational outcomes:

  • Evaluate current and emerging technologies.

  • Identify and gather user requirements to design user-friendly interfaces.

  • Apply, configure, and manage IT technologies

  • Utilize data to help business gain insights to help them make better decisions.

  • Access IT impact on individuals, organization, and the environment.

  • Apply IT concepts and strategies to solve real world problem.

  • Conduct research in the field of information technology and related fields.


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