MBA -Organizational Management

2 Years 60 Credit Hours
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The MBA stands as the world's most valuable business qualification, serving as a powerful embodiment of some of the most desirable attributes in any executive: intelligence, innovation, and determination.

The Master of Business Administration curriculum encompasses a diverse array of exciting courses. The primary objectives include fostering motivation among students to appreciate the wisdom of lifelong learning, equipping them with well-developed analytical, conceptual, and quantitative human skills, nurturing a positive attitude and self-confidence, and fostering the ability to lead and work effectively in teams. Additionally, the program aims to instill a sense of responsibility and a profound understanding of business ethics.


The Westcliff University MBA program, provided by the Presidential Graduate School (PGS), is tailored to meet the needs of both working professionals and full-time students seeking practical knowledge within a cohort of experienced peers. This two-year, 60-credit structured program aligns with the rigorous standards of full-time courses offered by international universities.

The Westcliff University MBA program stands out because it follows global educational standards, ensuring international recognition. It uniquely integrates local and global perspectives on business and management values. This approach is crafted to develop professionals capable of solving real-world problems in diverse areas such as Business & Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Strategic Marketing, Organizational Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Strategy, and more. This not only occurs in local markets but also extends to international arenas.

Additionally, the program boasts a renowned faculty with extensive industry experience, providing students with valuable insights and practical knowledge. Graduates of the program can anticipate enhanced career prospects and leadership opportunities in their chosen fields, making the Presidential's MBA a valuable investment in both personal and professional growth.

Courses Content
MBA–Specialization in Organizational Management

The primary objective of the MBA in Organizational Management is to equip students with the skills, practical knowledge, and theoretical concepts essential for pursuing advancements, particularly in human resource management and organizational supervision and management roles. Tailored for the diverse needs of adult learners, this program is strategically designed to cultivate effective and change-oriented leaders in the global context. It achieves this by incorporating distinctive and challenging curricula that prepare graduates to navigate the complexities of international society, ensuring their readiness for leadership roles in organizational management.

2 Years 60 Credit Hours 20 Modules

  • ECO 500
    Managerial Economics
    3 Credit Hours
  • ORG 500
    Organizational Behavior
    3 Credit Hours
  • MKT 500
    Marketing Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • MIS 500
    Managing Information Systems & Technology
    3 Credit Hours
  • LDR 500
    Organizational Leadership
    3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 500
    Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy
    3 Credit Hours
  • CAP 600
    Applied Methods Capstone
    3 Credit Hours
  • FIN 500
    Financial and Accounting Skills for Managers
    3 Credit Hours

  • MGT 600
    Influential and Impactful Communication
    3 Credit Hours
  • BUS 626
    Statistical Analysis for Decision Making Process
    3 Credit Hours
  • HRM 600
    Human Resources Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 601
    Operations Management
    3 Credit Hours
  • RES 600
    Business Research Methodology
    3 Credit Hours
  • ENT 601
    Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
    3 Credit Hours
  • BUS 602
    Business Law
    3 Credit Hours
  • FIN 610
    Applied Corporate Financial Management
    3 Credit Hours

  • MGT 605
    Managerial Decision Making
    3 Credit Hours
  • LDR 600
    Leading Strategic Change within Organizations
    3 Credit Hours
  • HRM 601
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Management and Organizations
    3 Credit Hours
  • LDR 601
    Managing Work Place and Conflict Resolution
    3 Credit Hours
Learning Outcomes

What you'll learn

The MBA program at PBS encourages students to achieve the following academic and professional objectives:

  • Develop mastery of functional components of business—economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, organizational behaviour, and leadership

  • Demonstrate effective presentation of business analyses and recommendations through written forms of communication appropriate to the intended audience

  • Demonstrate effective presentation of business analyses and recommendations through oral communication of conventions and forms appropriate to the intended audience

  • Appraise current information technology effectively to support business decision making

  • Value and integrate diversity and a global perspective in business decisions

  • Compile independent, critical thinking, and reasoning skills to critique problems and develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities

  • Integrate ethical issues in a business context and formulate alternatives that demonstrate ethical values

  • Facilitate the use of research and information from all mediums for the purpose of promoting critical thinking as it is applied to learning complex business concepts

  • Evaluate, analyze, and communicate quantitative data to improve and sustain strategic business initiatives


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