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Presidential Business School (PBS) is an academic institution founded in 2011 AD, with the objective of establishing itself as a model center for the prime Management Studies including BBA & MBA in Nepal. PBS is affiliated to Westcliff University, USA. Westcliff University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), a regional accreditation body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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MoU Signing Ceremony Between NCC & PBS

Presidential Business School (PBS) and Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) signed an MoU on December 23, 2018 for collaboration on enterprise development at state level. The articles articulated in the agreement are – (a) Joint […]

Video Ad Competition

PBS conducted Intra college Video Ad competition today at the college auditorium! The winners were from BBA 3rd who had prepared an ad with focus on menstrual hygiene and taboo associated with it! Congratulations @shikshyarokka […]

PBS Guest Lecture

Dr. Swarnim Wagle-Economist; Former Vice-Chair of the National Planning Commission of Nepal gave an insightful session today to our MBA students on “Economic Development in Nepal”.Dr. Wagle holds a PhD in Economics from the Australian […]



Bishal Khadgi
BBA - IV Semester, Spring 2017 Intake

I have always felt lucky to be a student at Presidential Business School. With utmost confidence I say that PBS has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. What more, teachers are very caring and interested in students' well-being.

Aashish Bhusal
BBA II Semester, Spring 2018 Intake

Presidential Business School has been a great fit for me. I wasn't sure what to expect when I made the decision to come here. Although there are lots of colleges nearby my house, I chose PBS. Strong academic programs, readily accessible faculty and a variety of student resources at PBS create an excellent learning environment for me to enhance my knowledge and skills. I have been exposed to a new world of opportunities. The environment of the college is also very supportive to the students. Moreover, by joining the extra-curricular activities regularly conducted at our college, I have been able to develop my self-confidence as well as make new friends. PBS makes sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.

Nikita Manandhar
BBA - II Semester, Spring 2018 Intake

For me, PBS is a platform where I can explore and enrich my experience. Yes, life may seem impossible or complex at times, but all those worries fly away after a while because PBS is right there to guide and shape all of us to adjust in this competitive business world. Therefore, it is my fortune to be a member of Westcliff University, and hence, we PBS-ians are blessed with such an interactive and friendly professors and mentors leading us to the bright future in a presidential way.Thereafter, PBS is a truly American Business School so I would like to recommend all the high school graduates to be members of PBS family."Grab the opportunity, I assure you, you won't regret it.”

Mamta Jwarchan
MBA - I Trimester, Spring 2018 Intake

For my MBA, I was looking for an institution which suited my schedule. Moreover, the courses and assignments have helped me develop my writing skills and research potential. The best part of this institution is its friendly learning environment and the fact that there is an easygoing relationship between facilitators and students. There are frequent calls for collaborative assignments with peers and the experience has helped me adapt to new environments and work and learn from people belonging to different cultural backgrounds.

Shiwani Malla
BBA - II Semester, Spring 2018 Intake

Everything that we do today is an investment for a better tomorrow. My decision to pick PBS for my life as a BBA student has served me well. I find this college as a doorway to the fulfillment of my aim. PBS is a wonderful platform to explore oneself with innovative ideas as it gives us ample opportunities to experience new things from unique learning processes. The facilities at the university is impeccable and the support of our teachers and our seniors induces a feeling of pride to be a member of PBS family.

Shital Sharma
BBA - II Semester, Spring 2018 Intake

Along with theoretical concepts, practical knowledge is equally essential. PBS is perfect platform to gain the practical knowledge with caring, experienced and highly qualified faculty members. The place is filled with positive energy. Once here, students find limitless opportunities to discover themselves. PBS is a platform to show your creativity, innovation and many more by interacting and being involved in different social and academic events organized by the college. Being a practical learner, PBS has proved to be a suitable match for me.

Anjilla Bajracharya
MBA II Trimester, Fall 2017 Intake

The biggest strength of PBS is the friendly atmosphere and the fact that the faculty members maintain amicable relationship with their students. The professors are compassionate and motivating. The staff is supportive. Since taking admission at PBS, I have witnessed growth in me made possible by ample opportunities to explore my capabilities. PBS is the best choice that I have made.

Jayanti Shrestha
MBA V,  Trimester,  Fall 2016 Intake

It has been an absolutely amazing learning experience at Presidential Business School. The college has been providing knowledge integrated with practical applicability. I personally think that the best part of learning at PBS is the course design that is planned to enhance knowledge. Moreover, the faculty members are very co-operative and supportive towards students to give best possible outcomes and solutions to their quests and queries. Most importantly, I think PBS makes researchers out of their students.

Salina Bhandari
MBA - I Trimester, Spring 2018 Intake

As a healthcare professional, I was looking for a college that would assist me in developing my professional career in business management and leadership. Since the beginning, PBS has nurtured me in shaping my insight, aptitude and mentality to fulfill my dream as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, it has helped me enhance my creative skills. Most appreciative part is the opportunity to gain international MBA degree from my own hometown.  Each updated course offers a tailored learning plan that helps to shape my future professional career. I feel pleased to be associated with PBS. All thanks to PBS faculty for the great support.

Arju Basnet
BBA - IV Semester, Spring 2017 Intake

Studying at Presidential Business School has been one of the best decisions I have made till date. PBS has been amazing. I am living my dream and studying courses that I'm passionate about. I can see growth in me. I have been introduced to many new things and I'm meeting people from myriad backgrounds. I have felt extremely welcomed here right from the beginning. The faculty and staff have been great, supporting me the entire way. The instructors are always available whenever I need them. I enjoy the caring and friendly environment, great facilities, and the variety of services offered.

Rupesh Dulal
BBA IV Semester, Spring 2017 Intake

It is, indeed, a matter of pride to be studying at PBS. It is a college that offers American degree and provides the students with the best quality education. The faculty members that we have here are highly competent and offer us quality education married with an enjoyable experience. The college stresses on the holistic development of the students; therefore, extracurricular activities are actively promoted. I, personally, think that to choose this college was the best decision of my life. At PBS, you don't just study, you earn unparalleled experience.

Puja Maharjan
BBA IV Semester, Spring 2017 Intake

I have, invariably, cultivated the dream to become an entrepreneur. Every moment that I spend at PBS is taking me closer to that dream. Additionally, as a result of the routine oral presentations that students need to be part of, PBS has groomed me into a refined public speaker. I reckon wisdom procured from highly qualified and experienced professors of PBS and the uses of modern technologies to gain knowledge are facilitating the development of all the required qualities which are mandatory in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Sabin Adhikari
MBA VI Trimester, Fall 2016 Intake

Before I joined PBS, I always wondered what it's like to get an internationally recognized degree. Far from it, I have discovered myself at PBS. I must express the value PBS brought in my life. The best part of MBA at PBS is the excellent faculty members, friendly environment, and frequent outstanding guest sessions with renowned personalities. Student development and placement cells are in continuous support for students' wellbeing. In addition, we have annual gala and sporting events. Here at PBS, the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.

Aakash Bhandari
MBA II Trimester, Fall 2017 Intake

Presidential Business School is the best international college affiliated to a renowned American University. This college has a team of extremely talented and exceptional professionals who make sure that the students get quality education. Presidential hosts numerous events and extracurricular activities which surely add the much needed zing to spice up your college experience. The college provides an incomparable grooming environment which gives the students numerous platforms to unleash their hidden talent and intelligence. Therefore, PBS is, undoubtedly, one of the best destinations for graduate and undergraduate degrees for students who seek to gain international level guidance and knowledge here in Nepal.

Rupesh Dulal
BBA I Semester

It is, indeed, a matter of pride to be studying at PBS. It is a college that offers American degree and provides the students with the best quality education. The faculty members that we have here are highly competent and offer us quality education married with an enjoyable experience. The college stresses on the holistic development of the students; therefore, extracurricular activities are actively promoted. I, personally, think that to choose this college was the best decision of my life. At PBS, you don’t just study, you earn unparalleled experience.

Sushil Sharma Neupane
BBA I Semester

In today’s world, tunnel-vision is the greatest threat to a professional. Presidential Business School offers a course that not only prepares you to be an administrative professional, but also provides an insight into other fields such as Literature, Psychology and so on. Being a keen learner, PBS turned out to be the perfect fit for me.

Puja Maharjan
BBA I Semester

I have, invariably, cultivated the dream to become an entrepreneur. Every moment that I spend at PBS is taking me closer to that dream. Additionally, as a result of the routine oral presentations that students need to be part of, PBS has groomed me into a refined public speaker. I reckon wisdom procured from highly qualified and experienced professors of PBS and the use of modern technologies to gain knowledge are facilitating the development of all the required qualities which are mandatory in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Shreya Joshi

If I am asked to recommend a college to do an MBA, Presidential Business School would appear on the top of my list. I was benefitted from the classes with my focus on Human Resource Management. The specialized classes prepared me for the career path I wanted to pursue and landed me on a job at one of the top HR consulting and job portal firms of Nepal – meroJob.com.

Sashi Maharjan

Faculties at PBS link theory and practice by illustrating their courses with examples from their own professional experiences. This particular pedagogy prepared me for my working life and to embrace professional challenges as opportunities. I feel proud to be associated with PBS as it has provided a holistic learning experience.Sashi  MaharjanOfficer -Corporate HRMAW Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 

Smita Poudel

If I am asked to recommend a college to do an MBA, Presidential Business School would appear on the top of my list. I was benefitted from the classes with my focus on Human Resource Management. The specialized classes prepared me for the career path I wanted to pursue and landed me on a job at one of the top HR consulting and job portal firms of Nepal – meroJob.com.

Birendra Mahato
Faculty, Financial & Managerial Accounting

Presidential Business School, Affiliated to Westcliff University, is a premiere business school in Kathmandu. Focused on providing quality education, the school through student clubs like Entrepreneurship Club engages students in various entrepreneurial activities: they also provide funds and other necessary support to students in implementing business ideas and projects. I am involved at this institution for last seven years and can proudly say that the school provides proper platforms for students helping them enhance analytical, decision making and planning skills besides basic soft skills.Birendra Mahato - Faculty, Financial & Managerial Accounting

Mandip Luitel
Faculty, Finance & Investment Analysis

We don’t want to create an environment where students going out having the same values as they did coming in. We haven’t really done our job if we haven’t challenged their values or beliefs or traditions and that’s the great thing about Presidential, is that you have the opportunity, in a safe space to be challenged and really develop your own sense of self which is gonna be unique from programs and environment offered by other colleges.Mandip Luitel- Faculty, Finance & Investment Analysis

Rohit Poudel
Faculty, Project Management & International Business

I am honored to be the part of Presidential Business School and work with highly experienced faculty members and energetic college administration. The college has provided the exceptional learning platform via interactive sessions and teaching pedagogy for both students and faculty. My experience with this business school is beyond expectations.Rohit Poudel-Faculty, Project Management & International Business

Caeser Rana
Faculty, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management

Presidential offers a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities that inspires students to bring out best in them and active their potential.Caeser Rana-Faculty, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management

Bishnu Rijal
Faculty, Mass Communication

It is matter of pleasure and learning to be a member of PBS family. There is no doubt that I’m also getting richer in knowledge after having joined PBS as the faculty of mass communication. As a multi–disciplinary subject, Mass Communication is a window to look outside and to get benefited in every walk of life for all. PBS has rightly chosen this course and is giving time-relevant education to the student of management.The academic as well as friendly, environment of college has been encouraging to improve capacity of excellence, to get most updated course & to provide students the most relevant education.Bishnu Rijal- Faculty, Mass Communication

Dr. Sajeeb Shrestha
Faculty, Marketing Research

Presidential Business school’s initiative to instruct students through standard international pedagogic tools and principles is really commendable. As a faculty member, I feel privileged to be teaching Westcliff-Structured curriculum as well as the carefully extracted contents of our own domestic curriculum. The fact that such rare learning is facilitated in sound infrastructure through all imaginable high-tech teaching gadgets is encouraging to any teacher. It is even more encouraging and heartening to discover that .I am in the company of the brilliant faculty –who are in their, own right scholars and researchers-and the diligent students who have the ability to reason, and question the authority of orthodox learning inputs and teaching methods.Dr. Sajeeb Shrestha- Faculty, Marketing Research

Prof. Dr. Sateesh Kumar Ojha
Academic Advisor and Faculty-HRM

Presidential Business School provides a supportive environment for students. Learning how to understand, and apply, is a major part of students’ academic task. This is both challenging and rewarding in that we make our best effort to help student succeed in their studies. Coming to PBS is therefore an excellent way to enrich your learning outside of the classroom where you are involved fully in the activities of the school (PBS) that helps assimilate management practice from various areas, and solve problems theoretically and practically. Take advantage of this opportunity so that you can fully explore the opportunities that will emerge and help you complete globally. PBS and Westcliff University program assure you the best of the facilities and quality of teaching to help you materialize your dreams.Prof. Dr. Sateesh Kumar Ojha- Academic Advisor and Faculty-HRM

Roshan Regmi
Faculty, MIS

I have been working in the field of technology for more than eight years. Over the period, I have been involved with governmental, public and privates sectors and have had diverse knowledge regarding technology planning, acquisition, deployment and operations. The core area of my specialization includes management of IT function in banking industry. Along with this professional career, I am involved with a couple of academic institution to be proud to be associated with. My experience here, however brief, has been incredible because of a privileged company of the other esteemed faculty members, a meritorious student population, rich academic resources and high-tech gadgets to facilitate the teaching process.Roshan Regmi-Faculty, MIS

Narayan Pradhan
Faculty, Business Ethics

I find Facilitating learning at Presidential Business School a meaningful and fulfilling experience, for the curriculum of Westcliff University, California, USA is well designed as well as current. Also, the students here are motivated to learn and driven to achieve. Most importantly, the Management of PBS is very efficient and ever supportive.Narayan Pradhan-Faculty, Business Ethics

Dr. Roshan Rathi
Faculty, Marketing Management

It is rightly said: “if you really want the key to success, start by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing”. Presidential Business School is actually doing things in a different way. In my experience of being associated with PBS, I have found the entire team highly energetic, proactive and concerned about imparting quality education. Moreover, the teaching learning environment at PBS is flexible, friendly and yet demanding, which keeps both the students and the faculty on their toes. Without doubt, Presidential Business School is marching ahead with high confidence and is set out to make as an unconventional business school in Nepal.Dr. Roshan Rathi - Faculty, Marketing Management

Sujan Raja Shrestha
Faculty, Marketing Management

Having the opportunity to be part of the Presidential Business School as an instructor has proven to be an invaluable experience for me. On the program, the concept of Marketing is used as a platform in order to teach student how to look at things in a more structured manner, and to take a broader view of business in general.

Pravat Uprety
Faculty, Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

After having joined Presidential Business School as a faculty member, I felt proud to receive this opportunity of sharing subject-matter theoretically as well as practically in an open and friendly teaching environment. Using international text books, providing real life problems and cases are strengths of this college. I’m assured that the school will serve as a great platform for students as well teachers to apply their knowledge to their respective fields of interest. Besides, supportive and genial management and staff, and esteemed, knowledgeable and seasoned faculty members are other assets of PBS. Hence, I’m happy to acknowledge that teaching at Presidential has been a real joy.Pravat Uprety – Faculty Member, Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Mr. Rabindra Silwal
Faculty, Operation Management & MBA Capstone

The MBA Program at PBS aims to provide a solid business background and analytical skills so that students are prepared to be competitive in their professions. The courses are conducted in a participatory basis and students are exposed to a real life case environment, world-class article reviews besides their regular textbook activities. The quantitative techniques, in particular, are introduced with little mathematical complexity so that students can focus on interpretation and application of issues. As a faculty member, I am pleased with the educational environment the school offers to its faculty and students. I am assured PBS will be a center of excellence in management education in no time and will create business leaders the world needs.Mr. Rabindra Silwal, Faculty Member, Operation Management & MBA Capstone

Prof. Dr. Upendra Koirala
Visiting Faculty

I feel highly honored to express a few words about the academic position of PBS in the context of imparting competitive and quality management education to the business students Nepal.In all spheres of life, the conduct of management plays a significant role for one’s success. Skillful management is an integral part of executing vision and is always assessed for its effectiveness. Presidential Business School (PBS), a partner school of Westcliff University, is making every endeavor to address the growing demand of skillful people with competency and confidence to face the resulting complexity and challenges through high-quality management education. With a noble objective of gaining excellence in management education, all of PBS’ energy, now, remains focused on enhancing analytical, strategic and leadership abilities of business students as well as building their diagnostic competency to handle managerial problems professionally.PBS inspires in its business students a love for learning and co-operation so as to reshape them as self-reliant and responsible beings. With the luxury of international exposure, these students, then, become re-engineered into competitive global citizens by the way of transformation of knowledge, skills and abilities into concrete productive outcomes. I am sure PBS’ contribution in the field of management education will be a matter of appreciation and recognition in the production of highly professional managers and executives necessary for the global market in future.Prof. Dr. Upendra Koirala, Vice-Chancellor Mid-Western University, Former Vice Chairman, HSEB, Former Executive-Chairman, Nepal Oil Corporation

Saurav Raj Verma
Faculty, Brand Management, Information Technology

What does a faculty member look for in a college? A good system, a visionary and professional management team, a good package, liberty to work, a warm environment and talented students. Interestingly, PBS has it all. So I would not hesitate to say that it’s an honor to be part of Presidential Family.

Prashant Manandhar
Faculty, Marketing

For the first time in my decade long teaching history, I experienced a proper student-centric teaching methodology at PBS. The support from management and enthusiasm of the students is one of a kind and creates a distinct ambience of collaboration and support. It is a wonderful experience to be part of PBS as an academic staff.

Padam Singh Mahata
Faculty, Corporate Finance, Accounting

It is my pleasure to be part of this exciting adventure at Presidential Business School (PBS). PBS has the reputation of being one-of-its-kind in the business/management education sector in Nepal.The school provides a dynamic and rigorous international education program focused on the theoretical as well as practical imperatives of business/financial world which will definitely propel the school to the zenith of academic excellence and innovation.

Dr. Sohan Prasad Sha
Faculty - Business Research

It is a pleasure for me to be part of the PBS faculty for two reasons. First, the students, who venture from all parts of Nepal, are well prepared and motivated, which enables the faculty not only to teach but also to learn from the students as well. It’s a feedback loop in teaching and mentoring that cumulatively adds to the wonderful learning experiences at PBS. Second, we have to constantly match up and innovate teaching/research activities with the students' preferences and its precondition to build non-hierarchical mode of learning/relearning/unlearning with them. Step by step, PBS is perfecting interactive teaching methods leading to prepare students for the skills of future.

HariOm Ghimire
Faculty, Decision Making

It is a great honor to be part of PBS Faculty accompanied by renowned academics in their respective fields. The school is unique particularly for delivering quality education since it encourages transfer of practical knowledge by allowing faculty members to apply all modern tools and techniques. PBS facilitates the environment to develop invaluable personal and professional connections, but the most satisfying thing of all is exchange of knowledge with colleagues. The interactive sessions and faculty meetings provide the impetus to see things through difference lens and exchange ideas. The staff is very efficient and the feedback from students is very positive.

Kalyan Adhikari
Faculty – Marketing, Introduction to Business

Being a faculty member at Presidential Business School is both a sense of responsibility and pride for me. I admire the education system at PBS mainly its hybrid model in which students get to learn courses which are in par with American Education System. Apart from this, result oriented management, excellent faculty and knowledge seeking students makes Presidential Business School a great college to teach at. I am sure students of PBS will have a bright future as they get to learn theories and their applications which they can put into effect in real business scenarios.

Rabin Dhungana
Faculty- Ecommerce

“It is a great privilege for me to be part of Presidential Faculty Team. Being an alumnus (MBA-Fall 2012) of PBS, I truly appreciate Presidential Management Team’s continuous effort to seek potential in their students so that they can provide a shoulder to take the institution to newer heights. It’s an amazing opportunity and remarkable journey with PBS—from being a student to a faculty member.In addition to this, Presidential’s affiliation with Westcliff University has opened doors to hundreds of students in Nepal who dream of getting an International Degree with a local flavor.I would like to welcome all the students to be part of Presidential Business School & Westcliff University.”

Bivab Neupane
Faculty, Financial Management

Presidential Business School is both means and ends for those who are real explorers of knowledge with skills and wisdom. The school aims to enhance students’ dynamism with discipline in predetermined dimensions. It has its own rules, regulations and norms designed to achieve its objectives. I am fully satisfied to be part of the school’s academic environment.BIVAB NEUPANE-Faculty, Financial Management

Ujeena Rana
Faculty- Literature, Critical Thinking and Communication

From the onset, Presidential has been able to create a unique impression on me with its warm reception of faculty members, putting-students-first attitude and myriad course offering. I reckon that PBS creates a learning climate that favors holistic growth of students. Research-focused assignments, exposure to national and international business and otherwise related matters, and availability of various platforms to challenge oneself are the real actors in transforming lives of students.

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